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For StartUps & ScaleUps

It’s much better to setup strong foundation since the begging, than later on trying to do work around or entire rewrite of the product at some point. Same goes for people, setup strong motivated team which is placed in growing environment without chaotic priority shifting.

Instant knowledge sharing, how to hire, whom to hire and when. Review offers and proposals from offshore agencies and evaluation of their estimates. Same applies for the vendors, clouds choice and management frameworks. By being fractional CTO, it helps us to stay up to date and being hands on at the same time.

You want to boost engineering efficiency and bring your product to the next level? We are the right partner who will help you. By analysing current processes and evaluating your in house knowledge we will construct exclusive growth plan for your people and team and execute it, optimise processes by being part of you daily operations.

We love working with people, we will facilitate you with useful workshops and support for people development. Our goal not just share knowledge but make sure that you and your people keep these knowledge and become better, stronger, sharper.

As an external, it’s much more easy to say good and bad things straightforward, no hard feelings. As well to see picture from different angle often helps and gives much more insights.

After life support, if you will have any questions after off boarding we will be always happy to help in the future on demand basis.

Case study 1

Due to growth of the business we didn't split our  development teams, it resulted in enormously slow delivery times, massive frustration from develops side and as a result we lost our most knowledgable team member.

Case study 2

Since we have a lot of talented managers which leading their parts of the business we decided that it will be a great idea to let them write requirements directly to developers. Which resulted in barely working product which constantly needs fixes. 

Case study 3

Once our founder was on a lunch with CEO of big company and they discussed that it will be amazing to have this feature in our product. 6 month in, we implemented, delivered but no one is using it, even company which suggested that. 

Case study 4

We had a small team of developers and we agreed to have process in that way. Once we raised money and started hiring more developers, we were expecting triple the results and constantly pushing them to deliver them. Which resulted in massive fluctuation rate. 

things to avoid

Are you non tech founder

or need tech savvy executive?

let's meet and potentially partner up

book intro meeting


Either reviewing external agency proposals and verify what and how they are doing, either steer your internal team and help them grow.

Raise & Growth

Need to increase engineering efficiency, do more with less, we are here to assist to achieve that. Or if you loosing nerves with constantly delayed projects in startup environment, especially before next round which might be challenging, let us help you to make it happen.

Scale or spinoff? 

If you seeking for someone who would drive strategic part, take care of technical aspects and lead the team. That's our sweet spot. 

If you or your company is facing any specific issue that you need to solve quickly and effectively, then we are the right partner. Our team of experts will analyse your situation and provide you with solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We have a wealth of experience in addressing a wide range of issues, from low engineering efficiency to in-depth audits.


What makes us different from others that we will as well help you with execution, instead of providing just an advice. We can also assist you with instant knowledge sharing, which can help you to make informed decisions about the best course of action for your business.

Concrete problems to solve?

we will analyse, propose, execute

educational bundle

Mentoring / Coaching

We developed entire educational bundle wich is designed for tech people who stepping on managerial path of their career. Quiet often managerial or leadership skills being neglected, which is obviously causing a lot of troubles and mistakes due to "learn by doing".  

Program can be adjusted based on the concrete needs of the company, person or situation. We as well happy to provide on demand assistance afterwards and we will be sending regular follow ups to check the execution of improvements. 

Some of the topics we usually cover

  • Lack of clear steps which you need to do to become a leader

  • Difficulty transitioning from an individual contributor role to a leadership role

  • Challenges related to communication skills, both written and verbal

  • Difficulty managing teams and resolving conflicts

  • Lack of knowledge or experience in project management and planning

  • Difficulty managing budgets and resources

  • Inability to balance short-term and long-term goals, as well as prioritisation

What program includes

12 hours of one on ones with our expert, which are focused on developing and sharping new skills, fixing some unwanted behaviour and explaining concepts which mentee will be able to start using next day. 

Over 120+ hours of self development exercises, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice and hone mentee skills. These exercises cover a range of topics and scenarios, allowing you to develop a well-rounded set of abilities that you can put into practice in your professional life, each exercise includes materials and homework with step by step guidance.

Program includes 10 workshops with fully detailed breakdowns and slides examples. These workshops are designed to help new leader and his/her team understand key concepts and best practices. Mentee will learn how to build mutual trust, better define roles and responsibilities, how to scale system and more.

Books recommendations - library includes descriptions of the main ideas from each book, allowing you to gain additional insights and knowledge on tech leadership and related topics. With this comprehensive set of resources, you'll be well on your way to becoming a strong and effective tech leader.

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