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About us

We are here to help

1703 Group is a company that offers assistance and guidance to other startups and scaleups. We help you improve processes, boost efficiency and knowledge, empower your teams, and ultimately scale your company and product. We leverage our local network and expertise to establish ourselves as a leading provider of fractional services in Luxembourg. So, if you're looking for a partner to help you take your tech to the next level, look no further than 1703 Group.

We based in heart of European startups - Luxembourg 🇱🇺

We truly believe in the power of ideas. Having first hand experience, we understand the struggles on the entrepreneurial path and treat every project and vision with its due respect.

Our mission is to turn great ideas into viable businesses while enabling growth and profitability. We achieve this by becoming part of your in-house team, mentoring, leading and advising in case of strategic and challenging decisions. Our success is inevitably aligned with you reaching and even exceeding the envisaged business goals and targets.

We do not see ourselves as external consultants, but as your in-house enablers. Collaborating with us will also increase the trust of your clients, partners and potential investors, even without mentioning us, but just by delivering actual results.

“Entrepreneurship not dead, just do it right”

Daniil Popov

CEO & Founder @ 1703 Group

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way is tough



of startups fail.



of businesses that went under did so because of cash flow problems.



 of small businesses will outsource services to other small businesses.

Tech Debt


of companies don’t have any technical debt management strategies.


1 / 4

businesses, surveyed by the NSBA, were not able to receive the funding they required, which led to limiting the growth of their business.



of startups evolve into a unicorn startup, like Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Stripe, and Docker.

Let us help you

with heavy lifting

Our practice showed that existing IT lead is so operationally involved that doesn't have enough time to properly implement and track processes and vision. What about security, KPIs and people mentoring?


With fractional based approach we closing exactly most missing puzzle.

Why fractional?

At 1703 Group, we offer more than just technical expertise or sharing few advice, we have experience and knowledge in product building, management, and leadership roles, making us a well-rounded partner for your startup or scale-up. Our experts will be part of your team and will participate in your daily operations.

We helping startups, scaleups, spinoffs and any other entities to reach profitability by guiding them what to build, what no to build and how to build, establishing efficient product and IT processes and help with technology/architecture of your solution, mentoring management and other teams.

Intersection of multiple areas of expertise enables us to see whole picture and navigate you in the right direction.

Is it just consulting? No

Our client? Get credit note for successful referral

Are you experienced professional who wants to utilise 100% of own potential? Looking for something completely different from 9-5? Want to be independent and be the only one responsible for results? Join our network!

let's scale together

fractional CTO

CMO Wanted

wanted profile

CFO Wanted

wanted profile

CPO Wanted

Still not consider partnering with us?



Our Product Line

Best for startups &


  • Team and people empowering

  • Foundation setup

  • Process establishment

  • Strategy & vision setup

long to medium term engagement


Best for enterprises

or concrete problems

  • Increase engineering efficiency

  • Instant knowledge sharing

  • Solution execution support

  • In depth audit

medium to short term engagement


Best for individuals

Mentoring / Coaching

  • Technical team management

  • People leadership

  • Life saving concepts

  • Personal growth

suitable for startups or persons

Technical strategy
Mentoring people
Establish processes
Building teams
Hire talents
Effective feedback
Knowledge injection
Increasing efficiency
Strong foundation

We provide Fractional CTO services to startups and scaleups. Our flexible engagement model allows us to work with businesses at various stages of growth and help each of them achieve desired results.

CTO as a Service

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