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I had the pleasure of working closely with Daniil during my time at &%$£!*@, where we collaborated on a daily basis and embarked on a significant project together - the implementation of the Odoo ERP system.


One of the qualities that stood out to me was Daniil's exceptional understanding of not only the technical aspects of IT but also his comprehensive knowledge of various other areas within the company. He demonstrated a unique ability to bridge the gap between Finance and IT, effectively translating complex requirements and tasks between the two departments.


Moreover, I appreciated Daniil's strong communication skills, which fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. He consistently went above and beyond to ensure that everyone involved in the project understood the technical aspects and implications, providing invaluable guidance and support.


I recommend Daniil for any role that demands technical expertise, leadership, and the ability to bridge the gap between departments.

Tanita Šimunić

CEO & Founder

I am thrilled to endorse Daniil for any senior IT leadership and consultancy role. As the Head of Sales at &%$£!*@, I have the privilege of collaborating closely with Daniil. He is a visionary leader, driving our company's success through innovative IT solutions. His ability to bridge the gap between technology and business needs is truly remarkable. Daniil has my highest recommendation for any organisation looking to elevate their IT strategy.

Robert Dedus

Head of Sales

During the time working at &%$£!*@, Daniil showed his leadership skills by adeptly organising internal workshops that restructured the IT department for optimal efficiency. His proactive initiatives introduced streamlined processes and effectively delegated work within teams. Moreover, Daniil's role as a valuable point of contact between our department, internal units, and external stakeholders underscored his interpersonal skills and ability to foster productive collaborations. I endorse him for his professionalism and impactful contributions.

Daniel Perez

Team Lead

During the years of working together, Daniil has shown great leadership skills, continually encouraging growth and supporting goals. Daniil is always ready to listen and never short of a wise word. I highly recommend Daniil for his ability to create a positive and collaborative work environment and his commitment to personal growth and development. It was a pleasure learning from him.

Lara Kordež

Senior UX/UI Specialist

It is with the utmost respect and genuine admiration that I write this testimonial for Daniil. We collaborated a lot in various projects from reorganisation of IT department, ERP (Odoo) implementation, to Reporting and Dashboard automation.


His major differentiation and advantage from other people in IT industry is definitely understanding of business flows and ROI approach. He will not just execute a standard solution that could take many development hours and will not be scalable. Daniil really understands how business areas intersect and how to get most out of IT infrastructure or project to be scalable and most optimised in terms of development and maintenance.


Since IT is often quite hard to understand for business people and entrepreneurs, Daniil makes sure to present it in a very understandable way, most importantly he adapts to stakeholders and can switch communication style accordingly. This is very important in any IT development since it reduces miscommunication and the solution is the best option for the client.


Daniil definitely has a more entrepreneurial vision rather than being solely focused on IT approach and solutions. I highly recommend Daniil to any organisation looking for a forward thinking, strategic IT leader with a proven track of delivering measurable results.

Luka Memon

Finance & Controlling specialist

I highly recommend Daniil for his exceptional skills, and technical knowledge. His ability to bring structure and clarity to complex projects is truly remarkable. He consistently demonstrates his expertise in technology while effectively coordinating teams and ensuring seamless communication. It's a pleasure to work alongside someone who possesses such a diverse skill set and dedication to excellence.

Dejan Ljaftov

Product manager

I got the opportunity to work with Daniil for more than a year. His capability to manage people with various personnality and constraints, making them grow professionally and getting the best from them was quite amazing. But he was even more impressive understanding the issues, both business and technical ones, always bringing pragmatic and effective solutions.

I would be more than happy to have the opportunity to work with him again.

Mathieu Lagarde

Senior Engineer

I am delighted to endorse Daniil for his contributions while we were at d.labs!

The technical solutions, the velocity and his ability to explain complex topic has always served as a north star.

While providing exceptional value he made sure no one was left behind be it in understanding or tech skill.

Ivan Zupancic

DevOps Engineer

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